Solar Heating

Plimmer Plumbing supplies solar water heating systems that have been specifically selected by New Zealand’s leading architects and building specialists.

We also use one of New Zealand's leading manufacturers and installers of solar hot water heating systems for residential and commercial use.

Sunshine provides solar heating


Contact us to find out more about how much money you can save with solar hot water heating and how Plimmer Plumbing can help you.

Solar heating can save you a lot of money

When selecting a solar heating product, we can save you a lot of future headaches by making sure it meets the following specifications:

  • We ensure the solar hot water system meets the latest test standard of ASNZS 2712 2007 (not 2002)
  • We ensure the system is Energystar compliant for efficiency and qualifies for a $500 or $1000 Government grant.
  • We confirm the installation company is fully accredited with The Solar Industries Association. 
  • We ensure the heatpipe has a performance guarantee - bad heatpipes can work well at the beginning and then fail you in only a few years. This can be inconvenient and even costly.
  • We try to avoid low quality imported enamel tanks with sacrificial anodes that require maintenance and, where possible, we specify reliable, New Zealand-made stainless or copper tanks for long term durability.
  • We select a low maintenance system without messy glycol refilling maintenance schedules that can void warranties if not kept up.
  • We ensure the supplier installs the system with trained installers, to guarantee a qualified installation and future back-up service is warranted
  • We insist on a roof fixing method that will remove the weight from the roof cladding to avoid cladding compression and future corrosion or roof leaking issue warranties. The Roofing Association of New Zealand requires frames to be elevated away from cladding.
  • We ensure that the brand is well known and a proven performer with a genuine product warranty. 
  • We use a double element in larger storage cylinders with manual overide control.
  • We select a smaller high performance collector and use less resource... Why use 6 panels when 1 will do the job?

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